Monday, November 23, 2009

St. Louis Tea Party Lineup: Pretty Much What You'd Expect

Bill Hennessy, after apparently trying to build a sense of drama through waiting a few days (can you feel it?), announced the lineup today for this Saturday's St. Louis Tea Party. As you might expect, the lineup is full of people linked to homophobia, Islamophobia, and racism:

The top billed character is Pat Dollard, who hosts a radio show called "Jihadi Killer" and regularly has posts on his blog titled things like "Cocksucking Elivis Costello on O'Reilly And Dobbs" and "Dyke Fearmonger Maddow Accuses CAIR Investigation Group of Fearmongering."

Then there's James O'Keefe , the ACORN investigator who by his own admission was kicked out of the dorms in college for allegedly using racial slurs to describe the people who shared his floor.

And of course Jim Hoft, who recently refused to delink from a race-baiting video on a white supremacist website.

And Stephanie Rubach, organizer of the St. Louis version of the Million Medicated March, who openly believes that Obama is a secret Muslim.

Speaker Mike Carey is notable in that he doesn't have any obvious form of bigotry associated with him. On the other hand, he's the President of the Ohio Coal Association. I guess he's there to show how in no way are the tea parties an astroturf movement.

And there's good old Dave McArthur, who recently got in trouble for using the slur "raghead."

And finally, the "Master of Ceremonies" for this enlightening rally will be none other than Bill Hennessy, who claims that Obama is trying to turn all of your children into Nazi snitches.

Sounds like it will be a time of great merriment and thoughtful analysis, no?

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