Thursday, November 19, 2009

Outsourcing to the Daily Show

The Daily Show makes the universe a better place in so many ways, the least of which being that it makes my job much easier.  The show has offered the perfect response to a few of the latest faux outrages by local wingers:
First we have the oh-so-scandalous incident where President Obama bowed to the Prime Minister of Japan.  This caused Gateway Pundit to collapse into his fainting couch. And Adam Sharp had to say the pledge of allegiance seventy times in a row just to clear his head.  The Daily Show had the appropriate response to their weeping and gnashing of teeth:
Then, Dana Loesch, in an act of lazy "journalism," copied an ABC news story (but changed the state to MO) to suggest that the government was secretly sending money to the "zone of unaccountability."  Fortunately, VP Biden explains what was going on in this clip:

Any guesses as to whether Loesch will have the intellectual honesty to acknowledge the explanation?

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