Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brave Teabaggers take on Socialist Schoolchildren

There were rumors on Twitter yesterday that the St. Louis teabaggers spent last night's protest arguing with 8-year-old kids on bikes:
Just left the opening of the MO - OFA office, got a great footage of Tea Bagger nuts debating little kids on bikes. These people are insane
Apparently, they weren't very successful arguing in person, so the teabaggers have taken their epic battle to the internets. Adam Sharp took the below picture inside the new Organizing For America office of a letter from a elementary school kid:

Photo Credit: Sharp Elbows

Here's what Sharp had to say:
Look closely the child who wrote this wishes that Obama would "Free people FROM the Army." I thought we had an all volunteer Army, I didn't realize our Soldiers needed to be "freed".
Oh SNAP! That kid got burned! Looks like Mr. Sharp Elbows, Dull Wits and the St. Louis Tea Party have finally found their intellectual equals. On second thought, that's being pretty unfair to the schoolchildren.

Check back at Peter Glickert's Twitter account for some footage of the interactions.


  1. Kudos to young Austin... he is aware of the military-industrial complex. And to Mr. Sharp... well, I guess he'll keep on drinking that ol' fashioned Uncle Sam Kool-Aid... no matter what they put in it, no matter what the body count.

    Additionally, the term "volunteer" usually refers to someone who is not getting paid. Our military is a PROFESSIONAL military, sir. I know it might hurt such a simple brain, but do the math!

    Here's to those of us who remain vigilant... but not stooopid!

  2. According to Saint Louis Tea Party & Bill Hennessey, the kids were polite, well-behaved and doomed by the machinations of Communists and The Political Class!