Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ed Martin Changes Mistaken Blog Post, But It's Still Wrong

Ed Martin changed his earlier blog post that attacked the wrong website by changing "recovery.org" to "recovery.gov." However, he still gets the basic details so wrong that he'd probably get a C on this if it was a 4th grade book report.

First, following the link to Martin's statement from the blog, he claims that the stimulus resulted in only 73 jobs for the state of Missouri:

But reading the actual webpage, you see that over 14,000 jobs are listed as being created in Missouri, and that the number 73 actually applies to the 3rd Congressional District:

Not only that, but just a few days earlier, Martin had claimed that a different number of jobs had been created in the 3rd district:

If he just posted a few days earlier a higher number, shouldn't he at least explain why he's using the lower number now?

But finally, the worst problem is that even if Martin was able to create a passable 4th grade report, his information is completely misleading. As was noted on the Missouri Political News Blog, most of the state jobs get reported for the Jefferson City Congressional district, so there were jobs created in the 3rd district that are reported in the 4th district. Furthermore, the stimulus was back loaded, so many more jobs will still be created. So Martin's basically just trying to exaggerate incomplete information, and he's not even doing a good job at that.

Maybe he should just stick to filing nuisance lawsuits. He's good at that.

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