Monday, November 16, 2009

Dana Loesch Refuted in Five Short Tweets

Dana Loesch, who at one time pretended to be down with union members, today retweeted a story from Michelle Malkin trying to pretend that the labor union SEIU was in a fight with the Boy Scouts. Unsurprising to readers of this blog: Loesch and Malkin don't know what they're talking about. But an interesting new wrinkle is that the magic of twitter allowed @theboneblog to dismantle their argument in five short tweets:
theboneblog Leave it to @dloesch to misunderstand collective bargaining agrmnts. Union isn't 'after' a scout, it's 'after' the city for CBA violation.

theboneblog Most CBAs have specific clauses prohibiting employers from farming out bargaining unit work. If a scout's doing BU work, it's prohibited.

theboneblog And if the union allows the scout to do the work w/o filing a grievance, the union's position is weakened in the future in similar circs.

theboneblog So rather than the union bullying a scout, it's simply protecting its position and enforcing the contract.

theboneblog So in answer to @dloesch/Malkin's question posed re: trumping Obama's service message to kids, YES, a contract would trump that. As it should.

Let's hear it for Twitter! Actually, I bet if she tried, @theboneblog could probably take out most of Loesch's blog posts in single tweets. In fact, some of Loesch's arguments are so bad, they could probably be refuted on Vowler.


  1. Why do you Fear the Tea Party So? To make a website that does nothing but try to "Out" the St. Louis Tea Party shows an Obsession, which could be contributed to Fear.

    It's Nice to See another person practice their Right to Free Speech, but it's Just sad to see so many Presumtions that are flat out wrong.

    Maybe if you actually got to know Bill and Dana you would be able to at least speak intelligently about them and not just in a hateful manner.

    The same Bias and Prejudice that you accuse them of, you display yourself repeatedly by using the Term "TeaBaggers".

    Sad Really.

    Good Luck to You. God Knows you Need it.

  2. Patch, I think it's a valuable service to society to systematically document the facts if a group of people are regularly misinforming their followers. Democracy only works with informed citizens, and if people are regularly being manipulated and misinformed, that will inevitably lead to a decline in our society's ability to flourish.

    I don't know Bill or Dana personally, but that isn't relevant to this project. They might be the sweetest people in the world to their friends and family, but that doesn't mean their claims are any more true or any less fanatical. If President Obama turns out to be the nicest guy in the world, would that change your opinions of his policies? Of course not. As usual, the right tries to make this personal, but what I'm doing is pointing out facts and contradictions that have nothing to do with personality. If they want me to stop writing about them, they can stop writing falsehoods. It's really that easy.

  3. I second Sonia. I'm always impressed by your ability to state your viewpoint so well. This is why I read your blog, instead of creating my own!
    Plus - Teabaggers was added to the urban dictionary as of yesterday. I don't know why people see it as being offensive. You call yourself the Tea Bag party - therefore you are Teabaggers.

  4. My spouse always asks me not to engage with Dana. Your blog allows me to just enjoy someone else doing it. Good work!