Friday, November 13, 2009

St. Charles Teabaggers Stand Up for Conservative Values, unlike Loesch and Hennessy

As FiredUp and ShowMeProgress are reporting, a St. Charles group of conservatives fed up with the Republican Party has officially changed their name from the St. Charles County Republican Club to the Conservative Club of Missouri.  Here's their statement:

In an effort to better align our club with its members' core beliefs, we have changed the name of the St. Charles County Republican Club to the Conservative Club of Missouri. Reminiscent of Ronald Regan's description of why he went from being a Democrat to a being a Republican - "I didn't leave the Democrat Party, they left me." We feel the same is true with the current Republican Party and its inability to adhere to conservative convictions. 

Call us right wing extremist [sic] if you like, but it has become obvious to us that most of the current crop of Republicans in office at all levels are not looking out for their constituents, [sic] as a matter of fact  it has become hard to tell the difference between the Parties. Talk is cheap, and that is what we are getting from our Republican leaders.  What we need is action.

In particular, check out what they had to say about DC insider Roy Blunt:
No longer does the Republican Party's actions reflect their stated values. Bigger government, ridiculous spending and removing individual freedoms seems to be the norm. Putting forth the "next in line" (Roy Blunt) is not in the best interest of the Party. Instead  we need new and fresh faces that have shown themselves willing to take a stand.

Likewise, Jo Mannies reported that Blunt was aggressively grilled about his wishy-washy "conservative values" last night at a meeting with St. Louis County Republicans.

This is in stark contrast to Republican water-carriers Bill Hennessy and Dana Loesch, who threatened to vote Blunt out of office if he didn't endorse Hoffman in NY-23 but then chickened out when Blunt completely ignored them.  

I guess we need a new term to describe Loesch and Hennessy: TINOs.  For those keeping tabs at home, that's Teabaggers In Name Only.


  1. all these splinter groups and their in-fighting remind me of Life of Brian. Splitters!!!

  2. LMAO at this one! TINO!