Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jim Hoft links to race-baiting video from white supremacist, anti-semitic group- UPDATED 3X

Jim Hoft, also known as Gateway Pundit, has amazingly descended to a new, despicable low. After trumping up the school bus beatings in Belleville as "vicious racist attacks" (even though students, the mayor, and prosecutors said the attack was not racially motivated), he now links to a youtube channel from a white supremacist group with the video title, "2nd White kid attacked by blacks on school bus, racial slur used": (note: old link here)
Despite the claim in the title of the video, nothing is said in any of the news reports about the attackers' skin color. In the KMOV interview, the victim emphasizes only that they were "too older kids in eighth grade." He did mention that they called him a "white N", but that name seems just as likely to come from white racists as anyone else. In fact, Hoft even admits in an update, "I do not have a reliable source for the race of the attackers."
Yet that does not stop Hoft from playing the race-baiting card by linking to the youtube channel from the white supremicist group The Council of Conservative Citizens, who are the direct offshoot of the White Citizen's Council. You can see on the bottom right of the following screen the link the council from the host channel:

Among other videos featured on the channel, you can see such titles as, "Liberals chimpout after White Pride stickers appear, "Jim Traficant talks about Jewish control of America," and, "Indians want to be White!"
And it's not like Hoft doesn't know better. He is warned repeatedly in the comments that he is linking to a racist organization:
Jim Hoft clearly saw the comments, since he decided to update the post. In fact, you can see from the web address of the blog post (check the http in the first picture below) and his original twitter announcement that he changed the name of the post from "2nd White Boy Beaten on St. Louis School Bus" to "2nd Boy Beaten on St. Louis School Bus":
But apparently he is fine continuing to link to a racist organization. And I'm sure it's just completely a coincidence that Hoft has nothing but pure hatred for Obama and Van Jones.

Update: Jim Hoft is now deleting comments that call him out on his racism. I posted this earlier today and it is now gone:

Update #2: Apparently, Jim Hoft originally posted a link directly to the white supremacist site! Under pressure from fellow conservatives, he moved that link to a new place. Still under pressure, he got rid of it. Yet he still is fine linking to a video on a white supremacist youtube channel that deliberately misrepresents what is known and attempts to portray this as a racially motivated crime despite the fact that no news outlets have reported the skin color of the assailants or suggested anything about such a motive.

Also, a quick google search revealed that this is not the first time Jim Hoft has linked to the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens. Note that shortly after linking to the "St. Louis C of CC" blog, Hoft writes, "Barack Obama Attacked White People!"

Update #3: Even though Hoft wouldn't take down the link, youtube has now removed the user and the youtube video with it.


  1. Oh boo f'in hoo. You're not a conservative, why should you care?

    This is the time of the great polarization. So called "conservatives" like Little Green Footballs can go back to where they belong -- the "is it good for Jews?" land, and Conservative Gentilemen and Gentilewomen with backbone are going to realize that in multicult America, the land of the NAACP, La Raza and AIPAC, well, hey, what organization sticks up for European-Americans? Not NAACP. Not La Raza. Not AIPAC. None of those.

    Council of Conservative Citizens -- that organization represents European-Americans, and anyone who doesn't like it can go pound sand.


  2. Way to go Jeronimus - when in doubt act like even more of a cracker. FYI, the majority does not need an advocacy group to protect itself from the tryranny of....the majority. Idiot.

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  4. I'm trying to figure out if Jeronimus was a plant, to show exactly what Hoft's ilk is like