Friday, November 13, 2009

Dana Loesch Follows Her GOP Marching Orders, Pretends Carnahan Doing Her Job as SOS is a "Scandal"

Right wing blogger and radio host Dana Loesch, who once pretended to be challenging the corrupt GOP power structure, but then chickened out when Roy Blunt ignored her, has now fallen back to being a reliable cut-and-paster of Republican press releases.  Her latest example of this is following the GOP in pretending that Robin Carnahan's office was somehow acting inappropriately by exchanging emails with ACORN about voting issues.  To put in perspective how ridiculous this propaganda campaign is, Robin Carnahan is the Secretary of State for Missouri, which means it is her job to serve as the state's chief election officer.  Likewise, ACORN works on voter registration issues, so OF FREAKING COURSE they are going to exchange emails!!
The whole "scandal" literally consists of things like ACORN thanking Carnahan's office for "having the ability to share information" and saying that Carnahan is "helpful;" something that any polite person would do in an exchange with a public official.  ACORN also complimented Carnahan for her work on the Photo ID bill, but of course Carnahan had already stated her position that she was opposed to the bill, so the fact that ACORN complimented her is meaningless.  One of the pieces of the so-called "scandal" is literally (it would be hard to make something this stupid up) that someone from ACORN said, "It was a pleasure to meet with you," to Carnahan's office:
Fortunately for Loesch and her bosses at the Missouri Republican headquarters, I've got some exclusive shockingly scandalous information about Robin Carnahan that is sure to send a chill up any teabaggers' spine.  I now present to you some alleged evidence from an "official who would prefer to remain anonymous because he/she may or may not exist":

  • One day, Robin Carnahan was observed walking down a sidewalk passing a member of ACORN.  Carnahan was overheard to say "good day" as she passed by, but three hours later only said "hello" to a different person passing by.
  • A frame-by-frame statistical analysis of a fundraiser attended by Carnahan and a member of ACORN revealed that Caranhan was smiling 42% of the time when the ACORN member was in the room but only 39% of the time when the ACORN member was not in the room.
  • One time, when a person said to Carnahan "ACORN is the spawn of Satan, sent forth to usher in the apocalypse," Carnahan responded by saying, "well, that's a little extreme."
All of this is horribly shocking, I know.  And of course I hate to be the guy who sets off a frenzy of unbridled fury from the teabaggers.  But I just can't bring myself to hide the Truth any longer.  If anyone would like to help, please post your own "SHOCKING OMG SCANDAL" revelations about Carnahan below.

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