Friday, November 13, 2009

If Your Business Isn't Succeeding, Blame Obama

Remember when Republicans claimed that liberals would unfairly blame Bush for every problem in the world?  If there was a hurricane in the Gulf, they would sarcastically say, "it's Bush's fault."As with every real or imagined fault of "the Left," it has taken the right-wingers no time at all to completely surpass the previous absurdity both in quality and in quality.
In a post titled "The Impact of Big Government on Small Business," Jim Durbin, right-wing blogger at 24th State, tells us he was originally planning on hiring staff for his business Social Media Headhunter.  For whatever reason, he was not able to find a candidate that made the idea seem worthwhile, and decided against hiring:
So what would a guy from the "party of personal responsibility" conclude in such a case?  Naturally, that it's all Obama's fault:
Durbin doesn't even give any reasons why this is Obama's fault.  All he has to say about it is that he decided against it because "2010 is uncertain."
So if your business is not expanding as much as you'd like, remember that it couldn't possibly have anything to do with your decision to dig through thousands of pages of documents desperately searching for anything that resembles a scandal.  It obviously isn't related to the fact that you spend hours upon end making videos from Second Life of your latest imagined scenario for a Democratic politician.  No, there is only one possible explanation for why a good, honest American Patriot's business might not expand to full capacity, and that is because Barack Obama is the President.


  1. Are you a business owner? Do you think prinitng money and dumping it into the US is a good thing? Just answer that.

  2. Hmmmm, well, considering that no one actually is "printing money and dumping it into the US" I don't see a good reason to answer that question.