Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ed Martin Asks: Can We Get 300 FB Fans by Halloween? Short Answer: No

Ed Martin repeatedly put out a call on Twitter to see if he could get 300 followers by Halloween:

And seeing as how it's the day after Halloween, we can now evaluate just how strong Martin's campaign really is:

Awww, so sad. He only got to 234, leaving him over 1/5 short of his stated goal. And just to give this some perspective, Russ Carnahan has twice as many supporters despite not putting out a call, and the Bring Back Mr. DeLong group that was created in response to a teacher being suspended for assigning a scientific article about homosexuality is over 1,700 people in less than a week. Martin's campaign is truly weak, but of course we all know that his campaign is not really about winning, but rather trying to help the Senate race.

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