Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tea Party Motto for 2010: "Cease the Day!"

Adam Sharp, the classy guy who snuck onto private property to argue with ministers, directly disobeys police orders when he knows he can get away with it, regularly insults the Islamic faith, argues with five-year olds's drawings, and recently claimed that a feature of the health care bill that was dropped two weeks before he wrote his post proved that Obama was trying to turn America in to a communist dictatorship, is the perfect guy to put forth the St. Louis Tea Party Motto for 2010.
Here's what Sharp had to say in a typically juvenile recent post:

Since Missourah blog never "seizes" to make Sharp laugh, I think we're left with the perfect motto for 2010.

The St. Louis Tea Party: Cease the Day!

Loesch So Offended By Anti-American Boycotts That's She's Going to Boycott

Well, it's official. The Tea Party "buycotts" of Whole Food Markets were a failure. Conversely, the pressure generated by the boycotts of Whole Food was successful in getting John Mackey to step down as chairman of the company after he wrote an article arguing that health care is not a right and that the key to reform was to allow the free market to operate. Loesch has stated in the past that she thinks that boycotts are unamerican and an affront to free speech, and so she naturally had the following to say about this:
In other words, Loesch is so offended by the success of a boycott on Whole Foods, that she's going to boycott Whole Foods. Classic Loesch. Very few people are so good at contradicting themselves in the same sentence.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

COA is Unsurprisingly A Huge Failure

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the recently formed "Conservatives of America," declared to be the rightwing version of MoveOn, has been a complete flop. Since it's creation, the group had about 500 members after two weeks. That would be almost enough people influence a class council election at a large high school, except for the fact that the members are all dispersed across the country. Furthermore, at a rate of 500 people per two weeks, it would take the group approximate 20,000 weeks or 384 more years to equal MoveOn's 5,000,000 members. Look out 25th Century Democrats!

Update: After looking over the additional content for this post, I think that it's at best childish and at worst unfair. In fact, I think it takes away from much of the other content on this site, which is pointing out inconsistencies and extreme behavior in the St. Louis Tea Party. I've decided to delete the content, but I'm sure there are screenshots of it out there somewhere if you really want to see it!

A Sharp Elbows, Dull Wits Holy Flurking Schnit Moment

Adam Sharp, who loves to talk about how "stoopid" them "libruls" are, put up an absolutely freaking hilarious post today. In the post titled, "Was a Public Option Just a Decoy?" Sharp offers the following ominous warning:

Maybe the public option was a distraction, a bargaining chip that Barry asked for so it looks like he's compromising when he gives it up. He gives up the public option in favor of Medicare expansion which sounds more moderate to Joe Public. When that's all he needs to get the single payer ball rolling in the first place.

Here's the screenshot:

Umm, Adam, I guess your fellow wingnuts forgot to inform you that Medicare expansion was dropped two weeks ago when Lieberman said he would filibuster it. Maybe when you're railing on about how Obama is leading us to a Marxist Dictatorship you might try , you know, actually reading the news or understanding the issues. And aren't you the guy who keeps complaining the congress doesn't "read the bill?"

Holy Flurking Schnit doesn't even begin to capture how hilariously clueless that post was!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KMOV Interviews Noted Climatologist Dana Loesch About Global Warming

Whooo-eee! Some top-notch journalism in St. Louis tonight! First, the wingnuts freak out because St. Louis business Build-a-Bear created an online animation that acknowledged that global warming is real and a threat to the polar ice caps.

Then KMOV, not content with leaving a great "wignuts freak out over nothing!" story alone, decides to get to the bottom of things by interviewing noted global warming expert Dana Loesch:

Among Loesch's important observations:

1. She won't allow her kids to watch the videos because they're "kooky."
2. The owners of Build-a-Bear likely eat tofu and wear Birkenstocks.
3. It's "political preaching" to teach children about scientific consensus.

KMOV decided to start Christmas a little early this year, by giving the sweetest gift of all: blissful, blissful ignorance.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The STL Tea Party* Lynch Mob vs the FBI

Lynch Mob: a mob that kills a person for some presumed offense without legal authority

OK, so maybe they're not trying to kill anybody, but the St. Louis Tea Party is certainly trying to pervert the local justice system by using political pressure, harrassment, and name-calling to try to distort legal proceedings. Despite the fact that they have never taken the time to address questions raised about their version of the altercation outside of Russ Carnahan's townhall, the local tea party is absolutely certain that SEIU members involved should be tried for a felony hate crime. They furthermore are certain that this is a conspiracy that reaches all the way up to President Obama. Due to this unquestioning conviction, they have alleged without any evidence whatsoever that local prosecutors are engaged in a massive coverup, and have been doing everything in their power to ruin the names and reputations of several people who work in the St. Louis County Government.

The latest example of their lynch mob mentality was going to the St. Louis County Government Building to demand that County Counselor Patricia Reddington raise the charges against the two SEIU members to a felony hate crime. As pointed out in their own comments, this actually has nothing to do with Reddington, but she makes a convenient political target for the mob. But more importantly, the tea party, as usual, deliberatly leaves out the fact that the person who allegedly used the n-word was also a black man. As pointed out at Media Matters, the definition of "hate crime" includes the fact that the attack was motivated by "prejudice against someone's race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability." In other words, it's ridiculous to claim that McCowan committed a hate crime (even if you believe that he used the word, which he denies), since it would imply that he's prejudiced against himself!

Furthermore, also pointed out by Media Matters, check out what the FBI has to say about hate crimes, as it's warning employees to be cautious about extenuating circumstances:

2. Misleading Facts — Agencies must be alert to misleading facts. For example, the offender used an epithet to refer to the victim’s race, but the offender and victim were of the same race.

In other words, the FBI warns their agents not be mislead by people like the tea party lynch mob. But of course, that won't stop the same people who were certain that Iraq had WMDs and who are certain that climate change is a hoax from continuing to try to destroy anyone if it helps their political ideology.

*For the record, I'm not saying that everyone who has ever participated in a tea party rally acts like a lynch mob. Rather, I'm referring to the opportunist local leaders like Dana Loesch, Bill Hennessy, Carl Bearden, and Jim Hoft who are willing to cynically distort the court system for cheap political points.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Is Bill Hennessy trying to frame the Young Americans for Liberty?

Gateway Pundit posted a message today from John Burns, the NON-STUDENT who built a gulag on the Wash U Campus to protest AmeriCorps (among other things). As was pointed out on the St. Louis Activist Hub blog, Burns loves free speech so much that he decided to try to disrupt a Show Me No Hate rally last Sunday.

Burns's letter complained that the Wash U administration was trying frame the Young Americans for Liberty for the hammer and sickle emblems that mysteriously appeared on campus exactly the same day that YAL put up their gulag. He claims that "The students had nothing to do with the spray chalking" and that the university is engaging in, "MALICIOUS, RETALIATORY ACTION AGAINST THE STUDENTS" (caps lock #fail from the original) Gateway Pundit claimed they were being blamed for "random grafitti."

But if that's the case, they why did Bill Hennessy include pictures of the hammer and sickle in his report about the "student" demonstration?

Is Bill Hennessy trying to frame the Young Americans for Liberty? Why would he suggest that the emblems had something to do with the display?

Notice the precise wording of Burns. He said no STUDENTS were involved in the spraying. So maybe he's saying some of the visiting horde of tea party activists like Burns, Hennessy, and Jim Hoft were the people who actually defaced the campus property.

And John Burns, noble person that he is, decided to stick up for the students. Except for that small part where he says who actually did it.