Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adam Sharp Freaks Out that Carnahan Welcomed Muslim Congressman to his Fundraiser

Congressman Keith Ellison was at a recent fundraiser for Russ Carnahan. Here's what Dana Loesch's favorite blogger, Adam Sharp, had to say:
Russ Welcomes Keith Ellison to Town

Who can win tons of votes in MO's 3rd District? The only guy EVER to be sworn in on a F'ing Koran! Now That's Missouri values.
Of course The Right, like Steven Colbert, always likes to pretend that they're all post-discrimination and that if it weren't for that darn liberal "political correctness" nobody would ever notice race or religion. But of course NOBODY in town freaked out about Ellison's visit except Adam Sharp, which raises a few questions:
Why did Sharp think it was so important to note that Representative Ellison was sworn in on a Koran?
Why does he think that having a Muslim Congressman at a fundraiser is somehow at odds with Missouri values?
Most of us have pretty good guesses about the answers to those questions, which is why the teabagger movement is so repulsive to the vast majority of Americans.

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