Sunday, November 22, 2009

Right-wing Radio Host Reveals Key to Health Care Reform: Being More Neighborly

Right-wing radio host and frequent Faux News guest Dana Loesch has long said that she and her fellow Republicans are not opposed to all health care reform, just the particulars of the Democratic proposal. Surpisingly, she previously hadn't said much about what kinds of reform would be acceptable, but in a fit of rage yesterday at the Democrats getting 60 votes to open up discussion on a healthcare reform bill, Loesch finally revealed the basic idea of what her plan would look like:

Loesch is, as usual, completely right. We don't need some stupid system where we go to hospitals and medical professionals treat people with problems. What we need is to be nicer to each other, gol darnit.

So in these upcoming days of giving thanks, maybe we should think about how we personally can solve the health care crisis. And we can take a little time out of our busy schedules to make the following changes:

-Cut out Scrabble night and instead take a class in immunohistology.
-Don't just loan your neighbor a ladder; perform triple bypass surgery on him.
-When your children's friends come over to play video games, take an extra half hour to diagnose whether or not they have leukemia.
-Invest in a community magnetic resonance imaging machine to help search for tumors.
-Pray. A lot.

Loesch has once again used her careful reasoning to teach us a very important lesson. While we were out searching through the details of how the health care system works and trying to understand complex legislation, we were forgetting to look inward. Because the truth is that health care reform was next to us all along [sniffle]: it was in our hearts.


  1. I guess if she or one of her kids gets sick....she can always beg for money to pay the medical bills on her web site......just like she did a couple of years ago for a family member.

  2. Dana Loesch is a professional beggar/freeloader.

    She once had a virtual tip jar on her website, then she used it to beg for money for her family member.

    So I gather what she is suggesting, is that everyone should beg for money like she does. So, you know, "to help our fellow man more."

  3. I'm not aware of anything she has done to help her own community. We both live in the third district in the city, and I don't see her at any events. I guess it's easier to suggest what other people should do instead of actually doing it yourself.

  4. I'd love to hear how Dana helps her fellow man. My guess is that she just does what comes easiet for her...a lot of complaining.