Friday, November 27, 2009

Ed Martin Running as the Glenn Beck Candidate

Stumbled across this interesting advertisement for Ed Martin the other day:

I found it here, though I imagine that the advertisements might be location specific.

Anyway, while I was always skeptical of Ed Martin's ethical virtues given his role in the Eckersley scandal, his frivolous lawsuits, and his general behavior as Chief of Staff for one of the worst governors in Missouri's history, I assumed that he probably had at least some political skill. But trying to run for Missouri's 3rd district as the Glenn Beck candidate? Seriously?

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  1. These angry progressives have ensured that I will not vote Democrat again. They will destroy the party with their hatred and slurs. How dare they label anyone who disagrees with their views. Tolerance was once a virtue of the left. It has been replaced with venomous radicalism that is contrary to what this country stands for.

    BTW, if you hadn't noticed, you are losing the fight. America is moving to the right because you have alienated people such as myself and have labeled us the fringe. Have you not a clue? You Sir/Ma'am are indeed the fringe and the light(not Ellie)has begun to shed the ugly truth of your *tolerance*. Keep pushing people away.