Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Burns is Back and As Hilarious as Ever

John Burns, the brilliant strategist hailed as the next William F. Buckley by St. Louis Tea Party leader Bill Hennessy, who managed to only be able to get 37% of the St. Louis County population to vote against a tax increase, is back sharing his cutting political insights. Apparently, leading a campaign that manages to change a population from beating an identical initiative to only getting 37% qualifies John Burns to explain exactly how future historians are going to talk about the tea party movement. And, according to him, the tea party will be remembered as having two phases: the Stand Around and Yell Phase, and the new Creep Out Your Neighbors Phase, pioneered by him.

And he's off to a fantastic start to his new movement, explaining to the readers of Hoft's blog how they can get involved on "Titter":

Let's hope Burn's endeavor is exactly as successful as his last one. It certainly looks like he's headed in that direction.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dana Loesch Links to Birther YouTube Channel that Repeatedly Refers to "Obama Animals"

Dana Loesch thought she was very clever for typing captions on screenshots of a recent preview for an MSNBC special. But, as you might guess from the title of the video she used, she got her information from a very strange place:

The title refers to "Obama-animals." A quick glance at the youtube user, AmericasNewsTodayDotCom shows that the person uses the expression "Obama-animals" quite often:

And a further glance at the America News Today Twitter feed reveals that the person is also a committed birther:

Hmm, she sure knows how to show how rational those tea partiers are. But there was another thing about Loesch's post that seemed bizarre: check out the text she added to this photo:

Whaa? Did Dana Loesch just totally invent a black person at a tea party rally? Because that sure looks just like a middle aged white lady to me.

It does explain one thing though. This must be why Dana Loesch is so convinced that the tea party is really diverse.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Moments in Durrr

Actually, Scott Brown is in the Senate, and doesn't have a vote for "House Speaker."

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gateway Pundit Uses Death Threat Against Pelosi as Argument Against Health Care Reform

Jim Hoft, fresh off whining about how the mean old "liberal media" interpreted the tea party burning a photo of Carnahan and bringing a coffin to his house as a threat, today cited a death threat against Pelosi as evidence that the health care reform bill is bad. Hoft refers to Pelosi saying that people are "thrilled" about the healthcare bill, then quotes an article reporting on a death threat against Pelosi. Concludes Hoft:
It’s a thrilling piece of legislation.
I wonder how those durn libruls will interpret this not-in-any-way-completely-creepy statement.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gateway Pundit Misrepresents Poll Numbers

Gateway Pundit claimed yesterday that a CNN poll showed that 59% of Americans opposed the health care bill and only 39% supported it. However, as Media Matters pointed out, 13% of the people thought that the bill was "not liberal enough," which means that a majority of Americans either support the bill or wish it was more liberal.

Gateway Pundit also claimed that Pelosi's favorable rating was only 11% and Reid's was only 8%. But again, this was a completely misleading representation, since the polls offered a number of options. Pelosi's unfavorable rating was only 37% and Reid's was only 27%, far below any serious danger areas.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Loesch Burns the Phone Lines

10 seconds left. The Tyrannical Union Hippies are leading the Great American Patriots by a single point in the Ultimate Battle for Liberty of ALL TIME. Dana Loesch gets the ball. She's been practicing her whole life for this moment. She stuns one defender by making a loud shrieking noise. Adam Sharp trips another defender, giving Loesch a wide open path to the basket. She drives the lane, goes up for the shot and....CLUNK!

Aww, too bad. In the moment of America's Greatest Peril, Loesch directed her followers to "melt the phone lines" of the wrong person. Yesterday, Loesch told her followers to scream and yell at Representative Jo Ann Emerson: Hmmm, that sure sounds strange for anyone who's been paying attention to the Missouri delegation. Ryan Witt asked her where she heard that: Not to worry! Dana heard it from a TOTALLY reliable source: a Dana listener: Except, after telling all of her people to "burn Emerson's phone lines," it turns out that Loesch hadn't even bothered to call Emerson's office. And, of course, she was completely wrong: Well, that about seals it. In a couple months, union stormtroopers will be in the streets enforcing the new mandatory marijuana-smoking laws. If only they had melted the phone lines of the right person..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Worst "Citizen Journalism" Evah!

The St. Louis Tea Party loves to talk about how they're "the future of journalism." If they're right, we will all be reduced to drooling vegetables a couple decades from now. Check out this amazingly lame "journalism" from Loesch:

Let's see, we have an inaudible tape of a guy that we don't know allegedly saying something that's not really that big of a deal... followed by a dramatic zoom in on an Obama button! Ooooh, so tech savvy! And to top it all off, Loesch co-opts Pink Floyd for her video. Yeah, I'm pretty sure The Wall was all about how awesome mindless patriotism and war-mongering are!