Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedge Politics FAIL #2: Dana hearts Unions...or does she?

I wrote earlier today how Dana Loesch was trying to play wedge politics with the LGBT community despite her earlier postings suggesting that "gay culture" was responsible for the castration of the American male.  Well, she wasn't just restricting her blatant attempts to try to split the left to the LGBT movement.  Today, she also claimed that she's always been on the side of the working person and that the only reason she and her fellow teabaggers oppose unions is cause the bosses make too much money.
Funny, then, that she so openly mocked unions with the apparent ironic term "teh youyins" for protesting Whole Foods, a company that is well-known for its extreme union-busting tactics, and whose CEO recently wrote that health care was a privilege not a right.  
Not only that, but she has in the past implied that being around union members was dangerous, repeatedly uses the term "union thugs," and claims that Wal Mart is really the best place to work if it weren't for that durn union propoganda.  Yes, a true friend the working people, that Dana Loesch.  It's totally not that she's trying to split up the progressive coalition that kicked the right-wing's butt in the last election! 

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  1. I wonder just how many times she has referred to Kenneth Gladney. Did she ever admit to sensationalizing that "fight" at the Carnahan town hall to further her own agenda? I'm guessing not.