Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sharp Elbows, Dull Wits

Adam Sharp, or "Sharp Elbows". is a local blogger who likes to run around with a camera at political events. His favorite techniques are to sneak up on people with his camera or interview them and selectively edit the conversation later to make them look like "stoopid libruls."

He was at Senator McCaskill's recent health care forum, and he stood up waiving his hands like a five year old who needs to go to the bathroom for the first two hours of the event. Senator McCaskill broke the rules of the event to call on him, and here's what he had to say about it:
Senator McCaskill Did Not Take Questions. She Read Questions Written On Cards By People Who Attended This Event. This Tactic Allows The Senator To Waste Time With Long Answers And Also Rules Out Follow Up Questions. I Submitted My Question But I Knew The Chances Were Slim To None That I Would Get Called On. So I Stood...With My Hand Up....For Nearly The Full 2 Hours. I Knew That If I Was Not Disruptive But Persistent She Would Have to Acknowledge Me. And If She Didn't She Would Be Called On It. Finally, As The Event Was Winding Down. Senator McCaskill's Mommy Told Her To Call On Me. So She Did. Please Forgive Me For The Shaky Nature Of The Following Video.
It's not clear if he has been the victim of severe head trauma in the past, but he shows some indications. First of all, McCaskill did take questions at the town hall. People wrote their questions on cards, but she gave every single person (whose card was pulled) an opportunity to either ask the question themselves or for her to read them. She'd even let them ask a different question if they wanted to.

Furthermore, with over 1,000 people in the audience, why is this guy whining about the fact that there was a low probability of him being called on? Are we supposed to assume that his question was more important than the questions of everyone else in the room? He apparently thinks so, since he threatens that if she didn't call on him, 'She Would Be Called On It." But she decided to reward him for his childish behavior, went against the pre-established rules of the forum, and did call on him after all, and amazingly he still whines about it. As with any brat who has a temper tantrum, caving in to his demands will never actually fix his problem.

Update: Replaced original picture of Adam Sharp with a screenshot.

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