Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hilarious Right-Wing Strategy: Buying stuff at Whole Foods

Right-wing zealots will do anything as long as they think it will piss off liberals.  Sometimes, this can be used against them, as they would be willing to shoot themselves in the foot as long as they thought it would annoy Michael Moore enough.

A great example is their ridiculous "buycott" of Whole Foods Market.  Dana Loesch, Gateway Pundit, and Bill Hennessy are all excited about the prospects of buying food at Whole Food Markets to show "them damn hippies and unionists."  The back story is that Whole Food CEO John Mackey wrote a bizarre right-wing rant for the Wall Street Journal in which he argued that people shouldn't have a right to health care and that we can solve our health care crises, in part, by eating healthier foods, like the kind you find at Whole Foods Market!  Progressives who were already wary of Whole Foods due to their union-busting history have been boycotting and protesting Whole Foods ever since the editorial.  So naturally, the reactionary right wingers think that they can really piss off those durn hippies by going and spending a crapload of money at Whole Foods.

I'm pleased to say that this is one of the dumbest strategies I've seen in a long time.  Here are just a few reasons why:

1.  Whole Foods' bread and butter customers are progressives who actually care about things like the environment, animal welfare, and fair trade.  Conservatives who don't care at all about such things would never be able to sustain enough business to really threaten Whole Foods dependence on people who make ethical food decisions.

2.  Though Whole Foods anti-union stance is horrible, buying food from them is still in general better for most progressive causes than buying food at other places, like say a Super Wal-Mart. So right-wingers who blow their money at Whole Foods will probably be spending their money in a more socially responsible way than they normally would, which would actually make progressive people happy.  The more money they spend at Whole Food, the less money they have to donate to right-wing causes.

3.  Whole Foods is a public company, and probably quite a few of the stock owners are liberal.  Whole Foods is also very expensive, compared to other places like Trader Joes where you can still buy ethical food.  So while progressives can spend less money and still shop ethically at Trader Joes, conservatives will be throwing away their money at a faster rate, and quite a bit of that money will actually be going to progressives! 

Once again, the teabaggers burning desire to get revenge on progressives is thwarted primarily by their own amazing stupidity.

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