Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Party of Personal Responsibility...unless you're a teabagger!

The teabaggers fall firmly in the camp of personal responsibility, you can tell cause they get so angry about people who break rules about bringing signs into forums.  But sometimes the stress of Defending America from Socialistic Tyranny just gets to be too much, and they can't help but assault people they don't like.

Take the case of Maxine Johnson.  She's one of the horrible non-teabaggers who brought a sign to McCaskill's forum.  And a poor little teabagger in the audience just couldn't help himself from grabbing the sign.  24th State, Gateway Pundit, and Bill Hennessy all declared that Maxine Johnson was a fraud and a LIAR!, a LIAR! they tell you, because she suggested that she saw a sign at the forum the said "Ni***r Obama," and they just know that that couldn't be true.  Nevermind that she later said it was a sticker or that she was asked to unroll the sign by a reporter, cause she's a LIAR!  Gateway Pundit and Hennessy go on to mention that, "Later, the sign would so enrage a Jefferson County man that he snatched from her hand and tore it up" and say nothing more about the man caught on video ripping the sign from Johnson and charged with assault.  Poor little guy, he just couldn't help himself.  You see, they believe in personal responsibility...unless you're a teabagger.

Hennessy goes on to say, "Maxine Johnson has forfeited her right to be taken seriously ever again."  I guess by that standard, Hennessy had forfeited his right to ever be taken seriously again, considering that helped raise over $1,1000 for Kenneth Gladney's health care bills even though Gladney has insurance.  Oh wait, I forgot, Hennessy's a teabagger.

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