Saturday, August 15, 2009

Local Teaparty Leader Hates Frivolous Lawsuits, Unless They Target His Opponent

At Senator McCaskill's recent townhall, one of the tea party activists in the crowd asked why she wasn't talking about tort reform. Naturally the teabaggers, spoon fed talking points from the insurance industry, believe that the entire reason that health insurance prices are going up is because of all those mean people frivolously suing their doctors and insurance companies. McCaskill pointed out how insurance costs continued to rise even in states that have passed tort reform laws, and that malpractice costs account for only 2 percent of health care spending. I should also note that it's quite an amazing psychological fact that the crowd thinks that malpractice suits are wholly responsible for health care costs spiraling out of control, but also believe that health care costs are not spiraling out of control.

Anyhow, that doesn't stop Bill Hennessy, local leader of the tea party movement, and self-described "hater of ambulance chasers" (those who pursue lawsuits against the health care industry), from suggesting that we use frivolous lawsuits to target companies he doesn't like. Hennessy is mad that Geico and Progressive decided to boycott Glenn Beck for declaring that "Obama hates white people." You see, Hennessy believes in free speech, and if you believe in free speech it means that anyone should be able to publicly state any falsehoods and race-baiting comments they want and companies should be forced to still advertise with them anyway. That's what America's all about. And Hennessy's solution to this horrible injustice:

I hope no one reading this get into an accident. But if you do have an accident, and if the other party is a Geicoor Progressive customer, sue like crazy. Sue for the maximum coverage their insurance allows. You won’t be hurting the other driver–you’ll be hurting Geico. I can’t stand ambulance chaser law suits, but Geico and Progressive need to be financially destroyed.

Yup, those frivolous lawsuits are destroying America. But it's OK to destroy America if it's also harming someone that you hate.

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