Friday, August 28, 2009

Of Copyrights and Cowards

Anyone's who has read this blog (or is vaguely aware of reality) would of course never be intellectually surprised at the idea that right-wing bloggers exhibit a non-stop stream of hypocrisy. Even so, in some cases it is almost impossible not to be emotionally jarred when encountering these bloggers praising themselves for some imagined quality while at the same time exhibiting behavior that is directly at odds with the quality they claim to possess. Dana Loesch recently provided us with just such an instance.

Loesch apparently is upset that this site has been exposing her and her fellow teabaggers hypocrasy, and posted a message on her site warning about lawsuits if I didn't take down images that were orginally posted on her web site. I did not know about this law, but now that I do I have replaced all of the original images with screen shots in order to avoid any problems. What is truly hilarious, however is the following quote from Loesch:

I don’t have a problem with people who start dissenting blogs, I, unlike some people, love dissent! I think dissent is patriotic. What I don’t think is patriotic is when someone steals my copyrighted images for use, without credit, on their website.

OK, so first of all, in the post in question I am quite clear about the fact that the images are coming from Loesch's blog. In fact, the whole point of the post was to criticize Loesch for being painfully unaware of the hypocrasy presented in her pictures (she was blabbing about following the rules while showing pictures of teabaggers who violated the no sign rules at the event). So the idea that I was using her pictures without acknowledging that they were her pictures is ridiculous.

Furthermore, what legitimate motives can she have for doing this? Am I taking away some profit that she would have made from the photos? No, since she clearly wouldn't use them to show the world how stupid she is. Am I profiting off of the pictures? No, look at this site; there's no advertising going on. Is it because she has such a deep and abiding respect for rules? Well, I've already shown how hypocritical she is on that particular subject.

In other words, while she is bragging about how much she loves dissent, she is simultaneously threatening a law suit whose only purpose could be to prevent the sharing of information that she doesn't like. She's threatening a lawsuit not to protect herself, or to honor the rules, but purely to stifle dissent, literally while she presents herself as a champion of dissent.

So scared shitless are Loesch and the other right-wingers, that they are afraid to provide a link to this site or even mention any distinguishing feature about it because they know that their followers are entirely dependent upon living in an information vacuum. The ideas put forward by right-wing bloggers are like a mold that grows on the bottom of some rock; the minute they are exposed to sunlight or oxygen they start to wither and die. Thus, people like Loesch have to do everything they can to prevent their followers from actually being exposed to other points of views. Right-wing blogger Jim Durbin of 24th state attempted to link to other bloggers a while back and then stopped shortly after getting his ass kicked by STL Activist Hub. 

Yes, Dana Loesch, self-proclaimed champion of free speech.  She thinks that boycotts are a slap in the face of freedom, unless they're used against groups she doesn't like.  She thinks holding signs is patriotic, unless the person doing the holding isn't a teabagger.  And now she sings the praises of dissent, while doing everything in her power to prevent views that are opposed to hers from being seen.  Dana, I don't blame you for not linking here.  It's the only way your absurd talking points can survive.

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  1. Seriously , you like her don't you ? I can tell , you have that third grade sort of " I like this girl so I will pull her hair" kind of thing going .

    The girls on the right are far more cute and unlike the washed lefties , they shower and take care of themselves .

    It's OK we feel your pain