Friday, August 14, 2009

Speaker at NAACP Protest is "Birther," says Obama loves terrorists and hates America

I saw on the MOPNS site that a group called is going to be holding a rally outside of the NAACP next Monday to protest , "the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) silence regarding the unprovoked and senseless beating of African American conservative Kenneth Gladney." As I've written before, the story being told by the right-wing media about the fight Gladney got into outside Representative Carnahan's townhall is extremely questionable. Conservative hacks like Gateway Pundit keep claiming that X, Y, or Z not speaking out on the issue shows that there is some kind of bias going on, but the obvious explanation as to why there has not been more noise about the issue is that at best the details of what happened are not known. I would go further and say the the details that we do know are inonsistent with the Gladney/right-wing blogosphere story.

Anway, I recognized one of the speakers of the rally, Kevin Jackson, as the guy who was aggressively arguing with some counterprotesters at the teabagger rally outside of the SEIU offices (it starts around the 1:00 mark):

I decided to do a little research on Jackson (from his blog The Black Sphere), and found some amazing stuff in a short amount of time. Hopefully I'll have a chance to look for more, but in the meantime here's what I found:

1. Jackson is a "birther." That is, he questions whether Obama was born in the United States. See especially this amazing comment from him:

The Black Sphere said...

Wilson, you got it. And for the record, who doesn't just "present" his birth certificate, when asked. That is not even a matter of principle. This is just our Constitution being laughed at, as it will be for the next 4 years. And when the real truth comes out, the liberals will say, "Oh now anybody can be president of the US". Maybe then they will elect Ahmednijad as our first Iranian president? He has charisma too!

2. He says of Obama, "Since I consider Obama a Black racist, and a terrorist-loving, America-hating, resume-building, no talent hack..."

3. He calls Obama a "House Negro."

4. He questions whether Obama really cared when his Grandmother died.

5. He regularly shows pictures of Obama as Hitler, or as a terrorist.

6. He shows pictures of Michelle Obama with hyper masculine features, following the GOP playbook of suggesting that Clinton must be "secretely male" just because she is a strong woman.

7. Finally, he plays into the Obama is a "secret Muslim" game.

And this is the guy who's going to make the case that the NAACP hasn't spoken out because the NAACP has a political agenda??? Wow.

One last quote from Jackson. After the 2008 elections, he wrote:

We are the dang Brits, people! We must stop fighting with rules! Reverend Wright is off limits? My ass! This is a fight for survival. Think prison yard beef, not school yard beef!
Indeed, it looks like fighting without rules is exactly what Jackson has decided to do.

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