Friday, August 14, 2009

St. Louis Tea Party Site Continues to Misinform Membership about Forum Arrest

At Senator McCaskill's health care forum earlier in the week, an angry white man grabbed a Rosa Parks poster out of Maxine Johnson's hands, ripped it, and threw it on the ground, in the middle of the forum! Johnson and a couple friends had walked into the forum late holding the signs without being stopped by security, and had put the sign away once informed of the rules. That didn't stop the right-wing crowd, however, from jeering her as she was escorted from the auditorium after the incident. You can see a video that makes the whole event clear here:

Despite the fact that the details of the event are now fairly clear, the St. Louis Tea Party leaders continue to misinform their membership. Here's the latest from the official tea party web site:
I only saw one serious incident in which two women violated the “no signs in the hall” rule and had to be escorted out by security people. McCaskill chastised these two and correctly predicted that they had set the tone for the national media reports about the meeting. She wisely asked the other attendees to please spread the word that the meeting was mostly calm and productive, with the two idiotic women being the exception.
Yes, it was all the women's fault. No mention of the fanatic who ripped the poster out of their hand. No mention of the fact that they complied with the rules when told about them. No mention of the fact that a reporter asked them if she could see the poster. No mention of the multiple "don't tread on me" signs that were allowed in the auditorium.
I'm not surprised that the Tea Party leadership has such little regard for the truth, but I would think they'd at least be smart enough to stop repeating the same nonsense when it is directly contradicted by the video.

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