Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dana Loesch: Companies should be punished for making ethical decisions.

Glen Beck has crossed a lot of moral and professional lines in his brief career as a Fox News host, from fantasizing about poisoning Nancy Pelosi on air, to insulting a non-partisan group of people who volunteer a year of their life to improve the country, to suggesting the people need to start training to fight the government from putting them in FEMA camps.  But the thing that really got him in trouble are his comments that President Obama is a "racist" with a "deep seated hatred for white people or the white culture." Colorofchange.org led a petition for advertisers to drop Beck due to his racially-charged hate-speech, and so far over 20 companies including such moral stalwarts as Wal-Mart and Proctor and Gamble have complied. 

Well, local right-wing ideologue and talk show host Dana Loesch is horrified at this assault on poor Beck.  She apparently thinks companies should be forced to advertise on this program, whether they want to or not.  Since launching a boycott is so clearly an "attack on free speech," she naturally proposes, get this, a boycott of the companies who stopped advertising on Beck's program!  It makes perfect sense, at least according to the It's OK if You're a Teabagger code of ethics that Loesch lives by.  

Still, it is sad to hear that Loesch won't be able to shop at Wal-Mart anymore.  I'd assume, since she is a person of such moral fortitude, that she will also make sure that none of these companies advertise during her radio program.

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  1. It's like people who quote the Bible or laws and twist it to support their beliefs. It's supposedly ok if they do something, but nobody else can get away with it. By the way, I'm guessing you meant that remark about "moral stalwarts" as sarcastic? Jut curious.