Tuesday, September 15, 2009

As even national right-wingers back off, local teabaggers continue to lie to their readers

Let's get this straight. Even right-wing mouthpiece Drudge and Fox News, who has been promoting this event with daily infomercials for the past 6 months, only reported that tens of thousands of people attended the September 12 teabagger rallies. Even Michelle Malkin, who started the initial rumors, backed off the claim that 2 million people attended and called out the head of FreedomWorks for lying. The only official estimate, which came from the D.C. fire department, was that 50-70,000 people attended.

Despite all this, local teabloggers Dana Loesch, Gateway Pundit, and Adam Sharp continue to lie about the 2 million people number. You have to wonder why they're so intent on misleading their audience? Is it because they've realized that their crowds are shrinking, their image is tarnished, and their momentum is in the last death swirl down a flushing toilet?

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