Thursday, August 13, 2009

Irony Impairment Alert: Dana Loesch thinks you should respect authora-tah and follow the rules, unless you're a teabagger

Update: I've replace the original images with screen shots.

Dana Loesch, right-wing radio host and a leader of the local teabagger movement, was at the Senator McCaskill's forum for this incident, and concluded that, "from what we could tell...there was an argument over who brought in a rolled-up sign." Yes, for some reason, Maxine Johnson thought that the fact that she brought in the sign meant that she was the person who brought in a sign, and apparently some angry old white man disagreed. Go figure.

Anyway, Loesch, and other right-wing hacks are of course convinced that this is all Johnson's fault because she didn't follow the rules. Never mind the fact that no guards stopped Johnson at the door with her sign or that she actually complied with the rules when they were told to her (she only unrolled the sign when a photographer asked her to). Loesch triumphantly posts the following picture at the end of her blog post on the incident:

Apparently completely oblivious to the concept of Irony, she posts another picture just a little bit down:

Notice anything in the man's hand? Like, say, a sign? I guess for Loesch the rules only apply to non-teabaggers.

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  1. It's one thing to start a blog to argue with people but another matter entirely to take (which is stealing) copyrighted images for use in a way unintended by the copyright owner. It does not fall under fair use and is illegal. You may want to take those down. It wouldn't look good if the critic of the tea party movement got in trouble for copyright infringement.