Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jim Durbin thinks everyone should listen to the police...unless you're a teabagger

Jim Durbin of 24th State, the owner of marketing companies desperately trying to drive up traffic to his boring sites, posts a "shocking new video" of the arrest of Javonne Spitz. Durbin seems to think that Spitz is some kind of super ninja personally trained by U.S. Representative Russ Carnahan to assassinate teabaggers. He claims that she was, "causing problems," "making a nuisance of [herself]," and "looking for trouble." Funnily enough, in the video he shows of her "causing trouble," she is surrounded by teabaggers threatening to "tear her apart, limb from limb," verbally attacking her, and accusing her of being a Nazi snitch.

But it wouldn't be an official post about a right-wing blogger unless it included some blatant hypocrisy, and Durbin does not disappoint. After he shows the oh-so-exciting arrest video, he writes:
She is arrested after being told repeatedly to leave. When she finally does leave, she stops again and tries to take another picture of the police officer standing over Elston McCowan. The officer has had enough and runs over to put cuffs on her, and she refuses to do so. She struggles, fights back, and keeps saying she's not under arrest. When she refuses to comply, they threaten to spray her, and then spray her. Note they don't spray Brian Matthews, or Elston McCowan, who is sitting on the curb. They arrest and pepper spray a combative and unruly person who won't comply with lawful orders to move away.
Durbin naturally is a good law-abiding citizen, who thinks that everyone who doesn't obey the direct orders of the police should be immediately arrested. But then, of course, there's this video:

Skip to about the 2:22 mark, and you can see Adam Sharp of the blog Sharp Elbows repeatedly telling the angry teabagger crowd, "the police are saying back up." And, of course no one backs up, including Adam Sharp. In fact, Mr. Sharp moves forward! I am anxiously awaiting Jim Durbin's call for his teabagging buddy Adam Sharp to be arrested.

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