Thursday, August 13, 2009

Teabaggers should ask for a refund...from their leader!

Bill Hennessy, leader of the teabagging events in the St. Louis region, recently accused a local reporter of lying. After elevating the level of discourse by commenting on the reporter's clothes, Hennessy's main accusation was that the reporter completely made up the claim that Kenneth Gladney was uninsured.

In Sunday’s paper, the reporter inaccurately wrote: ”Gladney was recently laid off and does not have insurance.” Blatant lie. Or, more nicely, rookie error. Which is inexcusible for a man on the backside of his career.
The “error,” as we’ll call it, has given the evil left new artificial ammunition with which to mock and accuse Mr. Gladney.

I certainly wouldn't take Hennessy's word over a reporter. But more to the point, if Gladney is insured, and Hennessy knows Gladney is insured, why was Hennessy begging for money to pay for Gladney's medical bills? You can see for yourself at the 4:30 mark of this video:

Considering that Gladney has raised over $1,100 for medical bills according to his lawyer, but doesn't actually need the money for medical bills, it seems as though Hennessy owes all of the teabaggers a refund. Of course, since everyone knows that this whole incident is a giant fraud, Hennessy surely owes his unfortunate followers much more than a refund.

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  1. OMG save this video! They have chopped off the end where the lawyer asks for money on every other version I could find online. This is the only one that isn't edited. So copy it and save it before they find it.