Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sharp Elbows, Dull Wits II: A New Low in St. Louis Teabagging

No, I didn't say the lowest low, since teabaggers have done some pretty obnoxious things in recent weeks.  But it's a new low in that its a ridiculous anti-social personality disorder move that has not been seen in recent times.  Adam Sharp of the teabagger blog Sharp Elbows, last seen acting like a five-year-old at Senator McCaskill's forum, snuck into a press conference (included below) that was on private property meant only for members of the press.  When they asked for questions from the media (5:16), he asked a misinformed question anyway "as a private citizen" after whining about the term "teabagger" which rightwingers themselves coined (4:23), then acted offended when they repeated that they were looking first for questions from the media (something to the effect of "waaaah, I'm just a lowly citizen").  He later interrupted a pastor who was trying to explain an answer (1:00).

I see that Hotflash at Show Me Progress claimed that at least this guy, "didn't yell or interrupt anyone," but the video clearly shows that is not the case.  He interrupted a pastor, for crying out loud!  Leave it to the St. Louis teabagging bloggers to add a new level of classlessness to the discussions.

Here's the full video.

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