Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dana Loesch Continues to Mislead While Other Teabaggers Correct Her

Dana Loesch recently wrote a post about how Mall Security was apparently called at a recent "buycott" in New Jersey.  Loesch originally didn't notice that Daily Show Correspondent Wyatt Cenac was in the pictures*, and of course immediately decided that security was called as an act of brutal government oppression against the teabaggers.  In fact, she claimed that the owner of the strip mall was a "major donor to the Democratic Party," implying that this was an act of oppression by those mean old Dems.

However, even leader of the St. Louis Tea Party Bill Hennessy surprisingly admitted that this is simply not accurate.  Hennessy, after originally making the mistake of assuming the Loesch would actually research her claims, updated his post to note that the owner of the strip mall actually had bundled between $50,000 and $100,000 for John McCain last election, and nothing for Obama.  Loesch of course has not corrected her misinformation, just as she hasn't corrected previous information even after learning it's false.  By the way, this new information also raises the possibility that the conservative mall owner sent mall security over because he didn't want to see Whole Foods mocked by the Daily Show.  This of course would still be acceptable under the IOKIYAR rule that Loesch diligently follows.

* One last interesting side note.  Though I have pointed out Loesch making misleading or blatantly false statements on a number of occasions, she never responds to the evidence or corrects her falsehoods.  Which is why it's so funny that the second I suggested in a tweet that Loesch might not be "hip," she immediately updated her blog post with a response.  Pretty protective of that "hip conservative" image I see.  I guess it shows where her priorities are if she can't stand being called "unhip" but has no problem with spreading falsehoods pretty much every day of the week.

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