Monday, October 5, 2009

Dana Loesch Just Hates Talking About People's Personal Lives, Unless She Doesn't Like Them

In a post a while ago, wingnut radio host Dana Loesch claimed that, "I don't like getting involved in people's personal lives, talking about their children, et al. (note: I think she means etc.) because it's a tool of the left and I have an aversion to their tactics."    Cause she's one of those new hip conservatives, you know, and not one of the old fuddyduds who led the moral majority crusade against Bill Clinton.  She then, of course, proceeded to spread a ridiculous rumor about Robin Carnahan's personal life.

Today she shows yet again how much she just hates the very idea of talking about people's personal lives by talking about David Letterman's personal life.  I don't have any particular sympathy for Letterman, but Loesch is starting to approach Glenn Beck-like levels of self-contradiction.

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