Monday, October 26, 2009

A peak inside Gateway Pundit's noggin

If he was capable of feeling shame, Rush Limbaugh would have been very embarrassed recently by the fact that he reported a satirical story on President Obama as true.  The basic idea of the story was that President Obama had written a thesis in which he claimed that he had some serious problems with the constitution.  As mentioned above, the story was in fact satire, and though Rush eventually acknowledged this fact, he refused to apologize.  

After seeing this incident unfold, local looney Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) decided he needed to write a blog post warning his readers about evil libruls who will try to trick them into believing their satire.  When the author of the original satire piece emailed Hoft telling him that the story was clearly marked as satire, check out Hoft's hilarious response email:

Matthew- Obviously, your satire is not clearly marked or Michael and Rush would not have linked.


I find this to be a truly revealing look into how Hoft thinks (or rather, how he approximates thinking). He starts out from the assumption that Rush Limbaugh must be right.  All other evidence must conform to this brute truth of the universe or else it is immediately rejected.  If Rush said that the sky was purple, and Hoft looked up and saw that it looked blue, he would conclude that Marxists had surgically altered his vision while he was sleeping.

And, of course, Hoft's assumption that Rush could not possibly make a mistake was about as wrong as any belief could be.  Michael Leeden, the right-wing blogger who wrote the post that Rush cited, himself admitted that he missed the tag on the blog post that said "satire" (BTW, GP does mention this in an update, but is apparently oblivious to the fact that it contradicts his previous assumption).  

I wonder how Hoft will integrate this into his belief system?  Marxists holding Leeden at gunpoint?  Implanted mind-control microchips?  Whatever it is, we can be sure that Rush Limbaugh must not have made a mistake.

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