Tuesday, October 6, 2009

St. Louis Tea Party PAWNED by Daily Show! -Updated Below-

The leader of the St. Louis tea party "movement," Bill Hennessy, lost even more credibility with his followers last night after he repeatedly told tea party members to watch the Oct. 5 Daily Show where he claimed a St. Louis tea party member would be the guest.  Hennessy repeatedly stated that Gina Loudon (the creator of the "buycott" of Whole Foods that started in St. Louis) would be interviewed by Jon Stewart and begged his readers to "make it the most watched show ever."  The only problem: Loudon wasn't on the show, and in fact is going to be the subject of a Daily Show segment, not a guest.  

Hennessy first writes (on Oct. 2), "Gina will be a guest on Jon Stewart (Comedy Central) on Monday.  Don't miss it!  Make this the most watched program in Comedy Central history."
Then, the next day, he claims, "Gina Loudon, intellectual property owner of the Buycott, will be Jon Stewart's guest on The Daily Show on Comedy Central at 10:00 p.m...Let's make sure Gina has a HUGE victory to report."  
Finally, on Monday, the day of the the supposed show where Loudon would be a guest, Hennessy again claims, "DON'T MISS GINA ON THE DAILY SHOW AT 10:00!!! She will have a fascinating story to tell Jon Stewart."
But of course the actual guest on Monday's program was Sarah Vowell, and if you watch the full episode you'll see that Loudon is nowhere to be seen.  Furthermore, you can see in the pictures that Loudon sent Hennessy that Wyatt Cenac was at the Buycott filming a segment for the show, no doubt for future ridicule.

So to sum up, Hennessy begged all of his followers to make Monday "the most watched episode in Comedy Central history" believing that Loudon was going to be a guest.  Considering that the numbers at tea party events have been dropping dramatically lately, I think the teabaggers might want to consider replacing Hennessy as their official leader.  

Update: I initially wrote that Loudon must have been fooled about being a guest.  However, an interview posted Monday on Jo Mannies' blog reveals that Loudon already knew that the interview was with Cenac and that it wouldn't be airing on the 5th.  This raises the question, "Why was Bill Hennessy so uninformed?"  Didn't he talk to Loudon?  The guy seems to be pretty out-of-it to be called the leader of the local tea party movement.


  1. My wife works at Whole Paycheck. She makes a measly wage, has worked there for over 5 years, and doesn't even earn enough to feed our kids. Oh, and we spend more than half of her annual income on health care costs, despite the 'great' coverage we pay for through Whole Foods. I say boycott that store until the CEO idiot realizes that with a government option for health care, his own employees might be able to afford to buy groceries at the store they slave away at.

  2. Thanks for the comment blargoflablag. By the way, does your wife feel any pressure to adopt certain beliefs as an employee of Whole Foods? I've noticed in speaking to some of the local employees that they seem to have been coached in how to speak about this controversy.

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  4. I have started calling the Tea Party people TPers because they do not add up to anything more than just shit paper.