Friday, October 2, 2009

Not content with linking to white supremacists, Gateway Pundit now links to Wingnut Truthers as well

Jim Hoft, also known as Gateway Pundit, was recently caught linking to white supremacist websites, though unfortunately not for the first time. Apparently he's really trying to endear himself to the right-wing neonazi militia movement, because he's now linking to truthers as well. No, not the 9-11 truthers, but rather a special brand of right-wing conspiracy theorists who claim that there was a "secret third terrorist" in the Oklahoma City Bombings who was actually from, get this, Iraq. Of course, the reasoning goes, no terrorism could really come from white right-wing extremists. It must have been masterminded by some dark-skinned "Islamists" from across the world. And the claim that the secret third terrorist is from Iraq even more of a fantasy for the right-wingers since it implies that maybe the Iraq War was justified after all.

Here's the post where Jim Hoft links to Bob McCarty.

And here's one of McCarty's wingnut truther rants.

Jim Hoft sure seems to like those right-wing extremists.


  1. You write, "Here's the post where Jim Hoft links to Bob McCarty," but there's no link to Bob McCarty at that post. Strike one.

    You write, "And here's one of McCarty's wingnut truther rants." In case you don't understand journalism, that is what one calls an interview story. You ought to check out the concept as it might increase your trickle of traffic.

  2. Thanks! Fixed the link.

    And yes, it is a conspiracy theory. Have fun googling yourself some more.