Monday, September 21, 2009

More Race-Baiting from Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit, after recently being exposed for linking to white supremacist groups on multiple occasions, continued his never-ending race baiting campaign today. The title of today's post was, "Belleville Attacker Flashed Gang Signs After Beating Kid On Bus" and linked to the oh-so-important political news that prosecutors said that one of the attackers flashed a gang sign. GrandDragon Pundit's reaction to this? He says, "Where's Al Sharpton?"

Now granted, the attackers are ridiculous bullies who deserve to have the book thrown at them (and I'm sure that it will be), but what on Earth do gang signs have to do with racism? If someone flashes a gang sign, that might suggest he is part of a gang, but it doesn't suggest anything at all about whether he is racist.

Given that the content of his post provides absolutely no reason to think that the attacks were racially motivated, it seems like the only explanation for why Hoft posted it was that he was trying to rile up his Council of Conservative Citizens base by making reference to gangs.

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