Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dana Loesch and Adam Sharp go out of their way to make fun of veterans

We all remember how right-wing leaders wrapped themselves in the flag as they tried to stifle any dissent regarding the reckless war in Iraq.  They of course always claimed to be doing this out of their deep love for U.S. soldiers, and used to suggest that anyone who criticized the war was secretly opposed to our armed forces.  But their rhetoric was as hollow as it was thoughtless, and their concern for soldiers reached only as far as those soldiers could be used as pawns in their political agenda.  Nothing can be better evidence of this than seeing how the leaders of the tea party movement treat soldiers who disagree with their political ideology.

The always classy Adam Sharp went out of his way recently to mock two veterans who were part of a total of three people who showed up to counter-protest the 2,000 teabaggers in Quincy, IL on Sept. 12.  Their protest was obviously small and not part of any organized effort, and nobody would have even heard about them if Sharp didn't decide to vindictively attack them.  Though aware that they were veterans, he first put up a post mocking the size of their rally, and a seeming spelling error on one of their signs.  His deep hatred apparently not satisfied, or else simply moved to do the bidding of Grand Teabagging Daddy Roger Stone, he today decided that he might as well call the veterans LIARS and COMMUNISTS as well, suggesting that they were 'looking for a fight," and (apparently oblivious to the notion of "contradiction") claiming that they "slunk away like cowards."  

And Dana Loesch, whom I'm told used to be a somewhat normal and maybe even decent person, apparently suggested that they make faces mocking the veterans as they were being interviewed.  

It's quite amazing that these veterans simply showed up as citizens to express their point of view, and end up getting mercilessly mocked by the leaders of the tea party movement.  The head teabaggers often like to pretend that they're fighting a big oppressive government, because that makes it easier for their blind hatred for anyone who disagrees to seem more justified.  But in moments like this their true motivations are exposed.  They don't care about fighting "big government."  They care only about trying to destroy anyone who disagrees with them, even people who risked their lives fighting for the country.  


  1. Might want to check your facts. I was there. That's not what happened at all. In fact, your entire post is nothing but emotion based on deception. There is no proof that these boys are veterans, they were just there, holding up their signs. They didn't yell at anyone and nobody intimidated them. They just stood there holding up their signs. Quietly & peacefully.
    You have 3,000 witnesses & hundreds of cameras to prove your viewpoint from St. Louis is wrong. Too bad you weren't there with us. You would be welcomed, as were these 3 young men. It's okay if we stand together as Americans. It doesn't make me angry at all. Why are you so angry? We learn a lot more about one another if we listen and welcome each other, as opposed to finding a soapbox to push hate, anger and deception.

    And to go after Dana Loesch, are you serious? She IS a decent person and everyone knows she was just kidding.

    Lighten up, kid.

    Save yourself the response to me. I won't be coming back to check on your reaction.

  2. Sally, thanks for your comment. First of all, you admit that there were only 3,000 people at the rally, which is close to what everyone else including the media said (actually the media said 2,000). SharpElbows, of course, reported that it was 12,000 people, so thanks for exposing Adam Sharp as a liar.

    Second, nothing you said in any way responds to my point. Adam said that he thought that they were veterans, so he clearly was willing to make fun of veterans whether you personally believe that they really were veterans or not. And even if people were nice to them at the rally (which is not what they reported), Adam Sharp still went out of his way to attack them afterward.

    Adam is a bully who goes out of this way to attack veterans who haven't done anything but express their opinion, and it's sad that you try to defend that.

    BTW, pretty hilarious that you complain that I am "pushing hate" when I respond to a post attacking veterans titled, "The Quincy 3 = Liars, Communists." Maybe you should be offering your advice to your friend Adam Sharp.

  3. Let's re-evaluate who is angry here. I saw the speech (online) that Dana gave at the Quincy rally. She looked and sounded about as angry as they come. Based on my observation, the main goal of this tea bag campaign seems to be to deceive and spread false information. It's partisan politics at its finest, regardless of its supposed grass roots nature.

    Thanks for this site. I'm glad to see someone is fact checking and speaking out against the lies.