Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dana Loesch is really, really not smart

Sorry, I know the title sounds mean, and I honestly would be all too happy to ignore Loesch if she weren't aggressively misleading people, but this is too ridiculous not to comment on. 

First of all, Loesch and Bill Hennessy, who are both regularly handed a megaphone by the local media, both claim to literally believe that Obama has sent an "operative" to St. Louis to start a riot.  I have no idea how warped your mind would have to believe this, but it gets worse.  Even though Hennessy has suggested that this "operative" (my guess is that they heard something about a political consultant or something and then expanded this to their "riot" theory) might be in town because Nancy Pelosi will be speaking here on Oct. 3, Loesch somehow got it into her head that "the operative" was actually here for yesterday's HCAN/MoveOn/etc rally outside of a local insurance giant's headquarters .   So here's the real kicker: today Loesch posts the following video showing that it proves that yesterday's rally was "astroturf":

She writes, "This is the protest about which I wrote earlier" with a link to her riot conspiracy theory post.  Only problem?  The video was from a Organizing For America rally on August 30, as you can see in this video from a DailyKos post:

Umm, yeah, they do hand out Obama signs at Obama events.  

It's really quite amazing that Loesch just makes such hyperbolic claims without bothering to even attempt to check if the claims are true.  My guess is that just like her blatant lie about, she will continue to repeat her clearly false claim even after learning that it's false.

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  1. If you follow Dana's so-called journalism on, you'll see she's suggesting that 'the government' is trying to use as a way to funnel people into voluntary service for ACORN. If you follow the link on the screenshot she uses to cite this example, you'll see that it takes you not to ACORN's site, but to a right-wing propaganda site. This is, at best, unbelievably sloppy journalism (it literally takes one second to click on a link) and, at worst, mass deception of people who genuinely are too stupid to click a link on a website.

    P.S. If ACORN were as powerful and scary and gosh-darn effective as Loesch makes them out to be, why haven't other nonprofits adopted their operations model? Seriously. Where is the cure for cancer? The end of the AIDS epidemic? World Peace? C'mon. This is beyond scapegoating; it's completely nonsensical scapegoating.