Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gateway Pundit Pretends Online Surveys are Equivalent to Scientific Research

Gateway Pundit, the top blogger listed on Ed Martin's website, claimed on his website that "78% of Physicians Say Public Option Would Negatively Impact Health Care."  He suggested that this number represented "physicians polled in a recent survey."  Of course, he forgets to mention that this is a survey of an online community whose founder and CEO has written opinion articles against the public option, so in no way can be taken to be representative of physicians as a whole.  In fact, the CEO of the group that conducted the survey said, of a similar online survey, "We don't in any way, shape or form argue or portray that this research is a replacement for conventional scientific inquiry"  .

Gateway Pundit also forgets to mention that a real scientific survey by the New England Journal of Medicine using a random sample of doctors found that 63% support a public option and 10 % (in addition to the 63%, not part of it) support a single payer system.

Deliberately misleading his readers is par for the course for Jim Hoft.  But hey, he should be commended for not linking to a white supremacist site this time.  

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