Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dana Loesch: Because I'm too uninformed to know about it, and too lazy to research it, it must not be real

Sometimes local radio host Dana Loesch knowingly misinforms her followers.  But most of the time she really just doesn't have any clue what she's talking about.  In the latest nonsense to splat out from her warped brain, Loesch rails against the Southern Poverty Law Center for "attacking tea parties," alleging that the SPLC is making up claims that there has been an increase in threats against the president since Obama took office.  Where to begin?

First of all, the SPLC's memo was actually about the increase in far-right militia activity, and not about the tea parties.  The tea parties are mentioned, but only to note the undeniable fact that some of the extremists have attended tea party events.  The "tea parties" are literally mentioned in only 1 out of the 50 paragraphs in the article.  Nevertheless, Loesch takes the article as a direct attack on tea parties.  I wonder why that might be.   Perhaps the descriptions of far-right extremists sound like some of the people she's seen at rallies?

More amazing, however, is the fact that Loesch claims that there is, "no evidence that threats to the President have increased."  This is quite a remarkable claim, considering that Obama recieved more threats than any other President elect before taking office, and there has been a 400 percent increase in threats against the president after Obama took office.

And of course numerous incidents of domestic terrorism are mentioned in the SPLC's report.  But c'mon, Loesch is a busy person.  We can't expect her to actually read the entire articles she complains about!  And we certainly can't expect her to do actual research on the claims.  She's got better things to do with her time, like putting the word "ACORN" into every search engine she can find.

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