Saturday, September 19, 2009

Local Scammer Dana Loesch Creates New Fake Controversy for Fox News

Dana Loesch, who used to be a normal person but now is intent on getting rich off of extravagant lies (like her recent "Obama is brainwashing your children by talking about hard work" campaign), has added a new chapter to her pattern of making up ridiculous stories in order to get on Fox News.  This time, she goes after the White House Service Project website that was created to help people to volunteer in their communities! Loesch's story is as follows.  She went to the website and typed in "ACORN" under "What interests you?"  She then came up with results that included advertisements for being a health care activist for the community group ACORN.  Loesch's implication is that the "Taxpayer Funded" website was directing people to an advocacy group.
The only problem with Loesch's brilliant piece of investigative "journalism" is that the government is not filtering what results show up in the searches.  The whole point of the site is that people can enter their own events, which you can see here:

So for example, if you do a search for "ACORN," you also come up with a list of clearly anti-ACORN events (see A and B):
Quite a government conspiracy, eh?  Or if that's not enough for you, you can do a search for "Tea Party" and get this (check out C and D):

In other words, people can enter any events they want into the system, and those events will show up in the search.  You can even be directed to anti-Obama events!  So there is absolutely nothing interesting going on!  

But that didn't stop Loesch from going on Neil Cavuto's show to spew her completely made up b.s.  Once again she profits from making people stupider.  Remind me again why the local news stations feel a need to interview her when kids are beat up on a school bus?

Update: Apparently Rush "I think school buses should be segregated" Limbaugh read Loesch's piece on his radio program.  It is now officially wingnut gold.

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