Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Political Analyst" Gina Loudon Thinks Basel is Hero for Teabugging

KTRS's resident "political analyst" (i.e. promoter of right-wing propaganda) Gina Loudon wrote recently that Joseph Basel was a "hero":
The weekend was filled with heroes, and none of them were politicians or party bosses. They were people like Joe Basel, who was arrested with James O’Keefe for his phone prank on Senator Mary Landrieu when she refused to speak with constituents who PAY for those phones, and the office she uses every day!

Huh? Basel's a hero for trying to tamper with a congressperson's phone line? I could understand why some right-wing conspiracy theorist would think that James O'Keefe was a hero, since he successfully damaged ACORN's reputation with his highly-edited videos, but Basel doesn't have any similar claim to fame. Loudon thinks Basel's a hero simply for apparently committing a crime.

Or maybe Loudon was referring to Basel's previous history, detailed in the beautifully-titled piece Portrait of a Con Artist as a Young Douche. Apparently Basel, while he was at the University of Minnesota, posted fliers that said "End Racism Now: Kill All the White Males" and managed to offend people enough to get the entire black student union to walk out from a presentation he was forced to give.

Quite a "hero," no? And that makes Loudon quite the "political analyst."

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