Saturday, January 2, 2010

Meet KTRS's Latest "Political Analyst"

Here is KTRS's latest "political analyist" Gina Loudon engaging in her standard constructive political dialogue:

(screenshot via the St. Louis Tea Party blog)

Everyone knows that the most compelling political analysis always begins with holding signs that depict your political opponents as grotesque caricatures of psychopathic killers (for those who can't tell, Loudon is holding a picture of Senator Claire McCaskill with a "joker face"). Obviously KTRS is committed to producing intelligent discussion points, and not simply hosting a guest on who will spit out self-serving Republican talking points disguised as analysis. Thank you, KTRS. for making such a strong effort to educate your listeners.

Also extremely funny: Bill Hennessy promotes Loudon's "Political A-List" on his website. A few days later: he is listed as a "Political A-Lister" on her blog to which he replies, "I am totally undeserving of this recognition." Awwww, what a humble guy! Stand up and take some credit for your quid pro quo!

More later.

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