Sunday, February 28, 2010

MOPNS now reduced to sad little pranks

MOPNS, which calls itself a "news service" has been reduced to publicizing childish pranks and potty humor. Someone hacked into MO Senate Candidate Don Calloway's old campaign website and put "free porn clips for all," on the header of the site. MOPNS, showing itself to be a completely non-credible source of information, posted several stories ridiculously implying that Calloway himself was responsible for the message. MOPNS claims that they heard about this through their "tip line." Funny how no other news outlets published a story this dumb from their tiplines.

What's next for MOPNS? Video footage of someone putting a whoopee cushion underneath Jay Nixon's chair?


  1. Please tell me you plan on addressing this mess:

    I would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. ....and let's talk about this:

    Wow! (just a sample) " the importance of telling the truth and reporting objectively."

    Hilarity ensues!