Monday, February 8, 2010

Bill Hennessy Excited By New Future of Middle-Aged White People

Bill Hennessy went to the Tea Party Convention in Nashville last weekend marked by birtherism, homophobia, and racial paranoia and was very excited by the 600 mostly white, middle-aged people who he thinks represent the future of America.

Check out Hennessy's fired up tweets:

Hennessy then goes on to say in a blog post about the convention:
Standing near the door that opened to a parking lot, you could almost feel the wind blow out the flame on the candle of liberalism. The torch wasn’t passed. It was extinguished.

Wow, who knew that 600 mostly middle-aged white people willing to shell out $500 to hear Sarah Palin speak could so perfectly represent the entire USA?


  1. Re: Hennessy's new PAC ~~ It will be interesting to follow the money; not just to whom it is doled-out but also how much is retained as overhead. I suppose it's the American way, however for a year now it seems that he has been attempting to monetize this cause into some kind of fulltime gig. Asking for money directly, selling TeaBag gear at Christmas while concurrently dissuading the purchase of Christmas gifts and shamelessly promoting another book. Again, the American way I suppose, however this TeaBagging looks like it's becoming a fulltime job all while sanctimoniously apologizing to the home-front that this will all be over soon. I find it all somewhat odd...

  2. Yeah, great point. I hadn't thought of that but it seems like you're exactly right.

  3. I just want to point out to the Tea Party folks that there were more people at Naughti Gras at the Koken Art Factory this weekend than there were at the Tea Party National Convention. Just sayin'. I think that liberalism candle is burning brighter than ever.

  4. Reminds me of the old adage "you're defined by the company you keep." The Black Helicopter landing pad was evidently full in Nashville last weekend. Hennessy, Loesch, Sharp and other local Tea Nut leaders have never disavowed the extremist elements of their Party. Yes, it's their Party, and they are certainly willing to accept the funding from these sheep (see Conservatives of America, Hennessy's new ELPAC, T-shirt money, website donation money, etc.).

    St. Louis Tea Party is defined by their association with Birthers, the John Birch Society, New World Order nut-jobs among others. If they had any decency they would rise-up and reject the craziness of the far-fringe; calling it out by name.