Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anti-Transit Group Pwns Itself (with help from St. Louis Urban Workshop)

The astroturf, anti-St. Louis City group CBT (Crazypeople for Bulldozing Transit) continues to embarrass itself. Yesterday, they posted on their blog that pro-transit group Citizens for Modern Transit was "lying" because it claimed that the Metrolink delivered 20% of fans to the Cardinals games. The web site stated, "fortunately they allow reader comments," implying that the reader comments proved their assertion.

However, if you look at the comments, you'll see that St. Louis Urban Workshop actually completely dismantled the talking points of the astroturfers. Here's the relevant quote:

Nick – perhaps you should include your math when making an assertion that someone is lying. I did – and I welcome anyone to correct what I’ve figured:
2009 average attendance = 41,000
20% of 41,000 = 8,200
MetroLink 2-car train capacity = 356 x 2 (for one train in each direction) = 712 (and there are likely quite a few more than that, but this is official stated capacity)
8,200 passengers / 712 passengers per train = 11.5 trains needed
2 trains every 15min = 86.25 minutes to transport 8,200 passengers.
Again, I’m sure that there are more people on those trains than the stated capacity. Even so, I calculate 1hr 26min. And this would be 57.5 minutes with the old 10min schedule. With fans leaving the stadium across a time period of 30 minutes or more, depending on the score/weather/etc. it’s seems easy enough to transport that many passengers. Plus, quite a few go downtown early to eat, or stay downtown afterward, further spreading out demand.

So CBT throws out the ridiculous assertion that Citizens for Modern Transit is lying, and then links to a site that disproves their own argument. Nice!

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