Wednesday, February 17, 2010

KTRS "Analyst" Proudly Displays 2nd Revolution Flag

Earlier, I mentioned that KTRS's political "analyst" Gina Loudon thought Joseph Basel was a hero for tampering with phone lines in a New Orleans office. In that same post, Loudon also posted a picture of the "2nd Revolution Flag":

(picture from teh analyst's blog)
Think Progress had previously reported on 2nd Revolution flags being at a Scott Brown Rally. Of course, in that case, the right could just say that Brown is not responsible for the flags at his rally. But Loudon proudly posted a picture on her blog.
So what's the flag about? Think Progress quotes the creator of the flag, Jeff McQueen, as saying that it could either of two meanings: the 2nd American Revolution or the 2nd Amendment. McQueen further calls for spitting the country in half (via Think Progress):
We are now as divided as America was in the 1860s. When two people find they can no longer communicate, while living under the same roof, they often split apart and go there seperate ways. So what if . . . we took the United States and just split it in half . . . 24 states become The United States of the Democrats and 24 states become The United States of the Republicans (including Ron Paul supporters and Libertarians etc . . .). California and New York can be split in half and go the the side they choose.

Apparently, the first step in Gina Loudon's march towards a new revolution is to attempt to destroy public transportation in St. Louis.

PS For wingers keeping track at home, this post is covered under the fair use doctrine.


  1. Weak. Very Weak. Too bad your posts are as uninteresting as they are unimaginative.

  2. And yet you are compelled to post here.

  3. I like how Ron Paul supporters and Libertarians are just casually included with the Republican America. Apparently their ideas and opinions don't matter. It maybe isn't a bad idea except we all know the warmongering Republicans would always be giving the Democratic America problems.