Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is Conservatives of America Website a Birther Haven?

Dana Loesch and Jamie Allman's site Conservatives of America isn't growing very fast, but it does seem to be attracting some interesting people. Marketing Guy, who is regularly the featured post on the site, posted a video questioning whether Obama was born in Hawaii:

The video also suggested that Barack Obama might not be his real name:
The entire video is crazy: if you've got the stomach, you can watch the whole think here.
The post was also featured on the Conservatives of America facebook page, meaning that it definitely had official approval:
So why did Dana Loesch and Jamie Allman go out of their way to start up a birther website? And could this be the reason that the site is doing so poorly? And what in the world are they doing with all the money they're raising?


  1. She takes the $ to Target hahahah

  2. In reviewing a post on Ms. Loesch's blog, she referenced a back post Re: Charles Jaco. I find the last line in it somewhat telling, and one that I believe she should be held to, and called on, as time goes by. Here is her line directly quoted from her own "me vs. Jaco" blog:

    "If you can't disagree with someone's position without resorting to name-calling and the like, then you do not deserve inclusion in political discussion."

    Let's ensure that she is held to her own principles...

  3. Anon#2 - I think you are forgetting: IOKIYADL*

    *it's ok if you are dana loesch