Monday, January 18, 2010

Gateway Pundit 's Commenters on his Post Attacking Michael Steele

In light of recent right-wing bloggers (including Gateway Pundit) declaring that Harry Reid is a flaming racist, I thought it might be interesting to examine how the commenters on Gateway Pundit's site reacted to his recent post attacking RNC chair Michael Steele. Gateway Pundit, remember, has linked to videos from white supremacist web sites on multiple occasions while trying to promote his agenda, and has refused to remove such links even after being told that they are offensive (in fact, he deletes comments that mention this). Since he deletes comments on his site that criticize himself, it follows that he could easily delete any of the following comments. But he doesn't.

You will not be surprised to know that most of the people on his blog despise Steele:

That's fine: everyone is entitled to their own political opinions. Less fine is the fact that many commenters use Steel'e flaws as an excuse to pretend that affirmative action is the root of all societal evils:

And worst of all, and really the subject of this post, is the fact that many of the commenters seem to believe that Steele is involved in a secret conspiracy to destroy the Republican Party from the inside:

Hmmm, so Steele is a mysterious "Other" who pretends to be like the rest of us but is really something Different who is trying to secretly destroy the entity he leads from the inside. Sound familiar? Like, uh, exactly the same thing these fringers believe about Obama?

One person even spells it out:

It's a shame Gateway Pundit encourages these kinds of comments on his site.


  1. We already know that these folks swim in a vat of hypocrisy. If affirmative action is responsible for Michael Steele being in his position, what communist, evil Marxist left concept was responsible for Michael Brown being promoted to his position in FEMA? The posters do remember Michael Brown, right? The incompetent moron GWB put in charge of FEMA? Don't they realize that "Republican" ='s incompetent as much as their notion of "Democrat" does?

    Perhaps these people are so paranoid b/c they assume everyone has the same underhanded, hypocritical motives that they do. The fact that someone honestly thinks a character like Sarah Palin is the best thing for this country TRULY frightens me.

  2. Hypocrisy reigns supreme right here!

    The girl with the "I Hate Dana Loesch" site is a perfect example...Sounds to me like she is paranoid of Sarah Palin...Or Dana Loesch or both.
    You clowns crack me up.... I gotta go the sound of crickets in here is deafening.

  3. I haven't seen any "I hate Dana Loesch" site. I've seen a site that was titled "Dana Loesch is wrong," but you do realize that this has a completely different meaning, don't you? You don't have to hate someone to recognize that they're wrong.