Tuesday, January 12, 2010

John Loudon Says We Should Stop Funding Public Transit and Expand Public Transit

A week or so ago, I wrote about how ridiculous it was that KTRS is having Gina Loudon on as a "political analyst" on the McGraw Millhaven show. I posted a picture showing how "Dr." Loudon thinks that intelligent political discourse consists of holding signs with pictures of your political opponents as disfigured psychopathic killers.

Part of the reason I think that her role of "political analyst" is so ridiculous is that her husband, former state legislator John Loudon, is one of the most partisan ideological hacks in the entire state of Missouri, which is truly saying something. To get a sense of how ridiculous John Loudon is, consider that his most recent ploy to get into the media spotlight is to simultaneously claim that we shouldn't pass the transit tax on the April 6 ballot initiative, which is needed to fund the current public transit routes in St. Louis, and that we need to expand public transit to cover a larger part of St. Louis County. So he's against funding what we have, and for expanding it. Sounds like someone who's desperate to get media attention, and willing to say anything to get into the news.

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