Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gateway Pundit Misleads on SOTU

Gateway Pundit kept up his usual absurdity today, creatively interpreting his handed-down right wing talking points to attack Obama. First, he claims that the blog Think Progress, "caught the president's dishonest attack on Bush," referring to Obama noting that he inherited a financial disaster from the Bush administration. But actually Think Progress defended Obama, writing, "stating facts is not blaming Bush," and linking to this explanation of the deficit claim.

Furthermore, Gateway Pundit suggested that this was, "the worst state of the union address sin history." But in fact a CBS poll showed that 83% of speech watchers approved of the proposals Obama made in his speech, and 70% thought that Obama shares the same priorities for the country as they do.

And in the update to this post, GP and his friend Darin Morely from Reboot Congress apparently approve of calling Obama a ratf***** and "hating" him.

Fringe of the fringe.

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